Media Accreditation

Registration to receive media accreditation is closed.

Persons who are already registered will receive their accreditation directly at the entrance to the event site near the accreditation tent. The declaration of consent and the health check form must also be handed in here.

COVID-19 Measures for media representatives

To enter the event site, media representatives are subject to the 3-G rule.

Please bring either proof of a valid antigen test (<48h), proof of a PCR test (<72h), your vaccination card or proof of recovery.

In addition, masks are compulsory at the entire event site. Please wear an FFP2 mask in the press centre, a mouth/nose protection is sufficient outdoors.

  • For all detailed information, please refer to the COVID measures.
  • Here is a list of laboratories in Innsbruck that carry out tests
  • Declaration of consent (please sign and take to the event site on the first day)
  • Health Check Form (please sign and take to the event site on the first day)

Important information for media representatives

Media accreditation will only be granted to reporting media representatives with a valid press card or persons with a letter of confirmation from a recognised press agency.

For media representatives who have access to the Media Corridor during Semifinal and Final rounds, the following applies:

  • no headgear
  • black top (short or long sleeve)
  • black trousers (long)
  • black shoes and socks



The accreditation badge is non-transferable and must be worn visibly at all times during the event. In addition, it must be possible to prove identity at all times by means of an official photo ID.
Any loss of the accreditation badge must be reported to the organiser immediately.

Austria Climbing press portal

Texts and pictures of the event are available on the Austria Climbing press portal. These can be used for editorial purposes.

After the competition, the press text and the pictures of the athletes will be published on the press portal. 

Press centre

On site you have the possibility to use the press centre.

The opening hours are adapted to the competitions, more information will be published here on the website. 

IFSC guidelines

The IFSC Event Media Policy applies to photographers and TV accredited persons.

HERE you will find the IFSC Event Media Policy.